Flexible Cancellation

At Tesoro Resorts, we want you to plan your travel with confidence.
We know that things happen unexpectedly, and you may need to adjust your plans.
That's why we offer flexible cancellation options to give you reassurance when booking your next stay with us.

For guests making new reservations directly with Tesoro Resorts for arrival dates on or after September 1, 2021, the individual hotel cancellation policies and rate offer rules communicated at the time of reservation will apply. Any changes to the reservation will be subject to availability and any rate differences.

For guests with Group reservations (e.g., for meetings, events, or conferences), please review the booking rate rules and contact the group organizer for more information. Guests who booked via online travel agents or other third-party travel professionals are advised to contact their booking provider directly for further information on changing or cancelling a reservation.

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