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  • At Tesoro Resorts, your purchase is secure from start to finish, so you should know the following information:
  • Our sites use SSL encryption so all information you enter is secure. end-to-end encrypted.
  • Payment for your stay is made in person at each of our destinations
  • We offer you different promotions and benefits on your online purchase.
  • Receive a confirmation email directly from our engine with detailed information about your reservation
  • We will never contact you and request sensitive information or scanned documents via WhatsApp
  • The purchase process is:
  • Enter our website and select the dates you want to travel, the number of adults and children and click on book
  • Next, it will ask you for your password. indicate the room of your choice
  • Afterwards, it will ask you for your password. I will provide your personal data to save your reservation in the system and provide you with confirmation by email. Prior to your arrival, you will receive an associated reminder.
  • We will request your card information to block your reservation, at this point, NO charge will be made until the moment of your arrival and check-in.
  • And that's it, your reservation has been generated.
  • If you require an invoice, you can request it at the time of your registration in our different destinations